Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The baby

The baby boy arrived thuesday 4th of september. The whole story will come later

Our adorable little boy Theodor

He is one day old in this picture.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Due date

My due date was yesterday.

Can you understand that I am a little bit tired of beeing pregnant now?

I will update when my handsom son arrives.

Take care

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What is it? Hormone rampage...

Why is it that men can not say what the hell is wrong?

The stupid man (who I still love) is mad at me for some reason. But I have no idea why. I suspect it is because he cleaned up the place tonight (and probably thought I should have done it, witch I should, but I am pregnant and my back hurts)

So when we went to bed, I didn`t bring a glass of ice cubes for him, he got even more sour in his mood, and didn`t say another word to me. Just went cold...

I hate it when it gets like that between us. I know we will fix it tomorrow, but for now it sucks big time. And I feel like it is all my fault!

Monday, July 09, 2007

I love it....

My tummy is now so big that I wake up everytime I turn over in bed at night.

So the fact that my man has desided that now is a good time to start acting up in his sleep..... not helping.

It may be possible that his very rude behavior has been going on since we got together, and it`s just the pregnancy that makes me wake up, as before I could sleep through anything. The last two nights have given me the first hand experience in:

Getting kneed in my back
smacked in the head
my blanket taken away from me
someone talking jibberish to me
someone stroking my belly gently (this one was just sweet)
drooling on my hand...
someone pushing me

This comes in addition to my one issues, like having to go pee at least two times a night, and the before mentioned waking up when i turn over.

But hey, only 8 weeks to go :)

Friday, May 18, 2007


It seems this whole blogging in english is a wee bit harder than I originally thought.

To be funny, original or just plaine out personal in a nother language than your own, takes a lot more thinking.

I will still try, and I will try to do it better than I have done it up untill now.

I also got a nice shiny new camera for my birthday, canon eos 400D, so now I can start to post some real pictures on this site, and not just the ones I have taken with my mobile phone.

My belly is still growing, now with an alarming rate.

as you can se, I am no longer small...

If any one of you people have any request for pictures you woul like to se, just ask, and I love to se how other people live, so if you have something to show me, let me know.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Me and my man

Just thought this picture was nice. Just sad that the quality is poor, since its taken with a mobile camera.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Oh I almost forgot.

I am banking on getting tickets to se Metallica in july.

I will be 7 months pregnant at the time, but am praying to the powers to be that I will be in a good enough shape to enjoy the consert.

I am ordenary

I am painfully ordenary, acctually acctually so ordenary that I belive that I am boring.

And at the moment, I am seriously lacking energy. I need at least 12 houres of sleep every night, if I don`t, I spend my entire work day imagning myself curled up on the flor under my desk. And belive me, a little dark corner with hardwood floor has never looked so appealing as it did some days ago.

Its cold here now, really really cold today. The wind is blowing from freaking Siberia, and my oven is on the highes level, and still not hot enough. Damn us for buying this hous in the middle of the summer and not thinking about the fact that there is no fire place in this freakingly cold house. So I have put it on the check list for the next house we are to buy (some time in the future)

I need to go sleep a little now. And start thinking about something normal to write about in the future. And try to figure out where my phonecable is so I can put some more pictures her, because pictures are always fun, and I need to do some fun soon, perhaps on friday when the weekend finally arriwes and I can stay up late, and sleep in in the morgning and not get up at freaking 6 in the morgning, no human beeing should ever be forced to get up at 6 in the morgning its just not right. Expecially if that person is pregnant, and I so shold get a new job, but nobody wants to hire a pregnant person, and I think I will shut the F up now.