Monday, July 09, 2007

I love it....

My tummy is now so big that I wake up everytime I turn over in bed at night.

So the fact that my man has desided that now is a good time to start acting up in his sleep..... not helping.

It may be possible that his very rude behavior has been going on since we got together, and it`s just the pregnancy that makes me wake up, as before I could sleep through anything. The last two nights have given me the first hand experience in:

Getting kneed in my back
smacked in the head
my blanket taken away from me
someone talking jibberish to me
someone stroking my belly gently (this one was just sweet)
drooling on my hand...
someone pushing me

This comes in addition to my one issues, like having to go pee at least two times a night, and the before mentioned waking up when i turn over.

But hey, only 8 weeks to go :)


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