Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am ordenary

I am painfully ordenary, acctually acctually so ordenary that I belive that I am boring.

And at the moment, I am seriously lacking energy. I need at least 12 houres of sleep every night, if I don`t, I spend my entire work day imagning myself curled up on the flor under my desk. And belive me, a little dark corner with hardwood floor has never looked so appealing as it did some days ago.

Its cold here now, really really cold today. The wind is blowing from freaking Siberia, and my oven is on the highes level, and still not hot enough. Damn us for buying this hous in the middle of the summer and not thinking about the fact that there is no fire place in this freakingly cold house. So I have put it on the check list for the next house we are to buy (some time in the future)

I need to go sleep a little now. And start thinking about something normal to write about in the future. And try to figure out where my phonecable is so I can put some more pictures her, because pictures are always fun, and I need to do some fun soon, perhaps on friday when the weekend finally arriwes and I can stay up late, and sleep in in the morgning and not get up at freaking 6 in the morgning, no human beeing should ever be forced to get up at 6 in the morgning its just not right. Expecially if that person is pregnant, and I so shold get a new job, but nobody wants to hire a pregnant person, and I think I will shut the F up now.


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