Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Christmas is coming up, and for the first time in my life I am on my own... When it comes to the christmas shopping.

The previous years I have had the luxury of giving my sister some money and almost every gift has magically appeared under the christmas tree including the one for her.

This year however I have to realise that I am becoming a grown woman (oh my gawd I just called myself a woman) with a family of my own, and therefor have to do my crappy christmas shopping myself.

So that is when the stress hits me

I have hardly any experience with gift buying (because I always gave my sister that job) and therefore have no idea what so ever to buy people.

I don`t like reciving gifts eighter, and can therefor not transfere my wishes to the people I am buying for.

I hate shopping in general, yes I am a girl, but still hate shopping in any way shape or form.

and I have a mild form of agoraphobia (i think thats the term) I hate it when there are many people around me, and the continously bump into me, and bring theyre screaming enoying kids with them, and manages to make the ques longer and slower due to the fact that they have to argue on prices, explane (lie) why theire credit card dosen`t work and so on.

I have however also promised my darling CB to go to town with him in december when the christmas lights have come up in the shopping streets. So you can truly say I am soooo digging my own grave this year. I can not wait for new years to come along.

On a more positive note, my man managed to get hired on a permanant basis, so yeay we are not going to go bancrupt this year. Now if only I could get a permanent employment we can maybe go on hollyday next year, somewhere with long sandy beaches, blue oceans, a really hot sun, and cold beers that cost next to nothing.... Oh I am daydreaming now


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

I have similar concerns with Christmas - I hate shopping nor am I good at finding gifts. The internet is perfect for me!


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