Thursday, November 02, 2006

Falling down

It`s so typically me, or my life to be exact

Let`s just say none of the life changing events happend...

I didn`t get the baby I wanted, though I know that will probably happen later
I didn`t get the job that I wanted, arg!

So now I have to start applying for new jobs, and I hate going to job interviues, I truly madly deaply hate it.

I am to shy when I met new people to fully show of my good sides, therfor they choose someone other than me.

If I could only think of some super smart business idea that would make me enough money to buy the things I need, and some of the things I want ( see I am not greedy and wishing to be filthy rich here) and could be able to work when I wanna work. ( trust me I would work longer houres if I could choose the houres) Oh and it should be something that I would think is fun to do. And I am stopping now before I get to eager and put up to many criterias.

So do you have a job for me?
Or a business idea you wanna give away?

I`m here

I`m waiting



Anonymous Kelsey said...

I just found your blog and wanted to comment about your "lurker" post. I do the exact same thing! Then when I do decide to come out of my shell, I just feel like a plain idiot and swear to never leave another comment on anyone elses blog ever again. And then I do, and feel like an idiot all over again. I guess I just need friends THAT bad. Oh well. Glad to know I'm not alone. :p

Blogger Veni vidi vici said...

I belive there are many of us. And I do belive we are funnt, talented, and very nice people, we just might not be so good at portraying it to the world, yet:)


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