Thursday, October 26, 2006


Just to say, one of the life changing events that could really shake my nerves and rattle my brain, went haywire, down the toilet litterally. And that sucks, but I will survive.

I am still waiting for the result of the other one, and will know by the end of next week. And I am relly crossing my fingers and hoping that the powers to be don`t let me down twice in such a short period. (though with my luck, it wouldn`t surprise me if they do)

Enough about the secret stuff, and over to some dead serious stuff... I am finally filling out the health forms to my life insuranse policy, so that in case I might drop off the face of the eart, at least my dear man will be financially secured for the rest of his life. (And so will I if he drops off.)

Well, in order to get these, I have to fill out a shit load of papers and fill in my entire medical history for the last 10 TEN years. If a person has been healty like CB, its no problem, he just answers no to every fucking question, but I how ever, I have to look through a lot of papers and try to remember when I was at the doctor, what tests I have taken, and when I took each test. And since I have arthritis and even had an operation because of it I have taken some tests and stuff, and been to the doctor a few times.

So starting to fill out the forms, not what I want to spend my evening doing... Parhaps I should do it on saturday, while drinking... one of the questions is Do you drink, I gues I could tick that yes box then.

Ah, thank god the weekend is coming up soon:)


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