Sunday, October 15, 2006


I`ve been a lurker in the blogging world for aboy two years now. I can`t remeber how it all got started, but one of the first sites i started so top by on a regular bases was Amalah`s site through her site I found this witch has not been updated so often lately. I also found RSM`s site, and that has been my favorite site for the last year or two.

Now reasently I decided that I don`t wanto be a lurker anymore, I also wanna share my thoughts and visions, and perhaps be interesting enough to make some internet friends, becaus what I have read through the sites I have been at, they do make relationships with other people. And that seems so mutch fun. Only I feel I might not be funny enough, smart enough, witty enough, maby people wont take my sence of irony... And then its all the same as the real world again... trying to fit in, trying to get noticed in a crowd of people, by the pople that you think is interesting. And then I have to remind myself, that I am me, and I do love beeing me, and all the queerks that defines who I am is good.

What I am trying to convey, is that although I would love to have all the people I enjoy reading, read my site and liking me, and more, is a bit mutch to ask, There are millions of sites out there, and many many many that are funny and intresting and nice to read. And in trying to compete with them mught be difficult, and all I eventualy can do is be honest, and my self. And hope someone might appreciate me, and i the same to them:)

ps: I`ve had a couple of beers:) And like it


Blogger Chris said...

Enjoy the beer! I enjoyed the post! :-)


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