Sunday, December 31, 2006

new years

So what will you be doing to celebrate the new year?

We were invited to a cottage with a frien of mine her husband, and two friends of his. But we turned that down, because my CB does not like one of the friends of the husband. Wich is ok by me, seing that beeing stuck at a cottage in the middle of nowhere with some people that you dont really care that much about, can be a bit enoying, expecially if you throw alcohol and fireworks in the mix.

Well my friend is also pregnant, and since we sayd no to going on the trip, they decided not to go anyway. Witch I also can understand, one sober pregnant lady, and three drunken guys... not so much fun.

And the as nice as my friend is, she tried to invite us over for a quiet meal, just the four of us. So that we could go in to the new year in good company.

CB didn`t want to do that eighter... why, one might asked, well I didn`t. I just thonk he is really really sosially retarded. But the only reason I didn`t feel like pushing him to go, is the fact that I am to, pregnant. And me showing up at a new years party not drinking, would be a dead giv away. And we don`t want to tell people yet. (only the interweb)

So now I think my friend is a bit pissed, or anoyed. And I can in some sorts understand it, when they continue to invite us to do stuff, and we keep rejecting. She finally now said, that she will not invite us to do anything, untill we invite them to do something first. And in my eyes that is a fare deal.

Only it can probably take some time untill we invite the, I first have to train CB in sosialising with people, any clues on how to do that will be greatly appriciated.

enjoy the last of this year, and have good 2007


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