Friday, December 29, 2006

weight and shit

Holy mother of god

I am like a vacume, I somehow suck all the fat in my surrondings into my body.
I a m hoping that i can blame my sudden jump in fat % on the baby, al though, to be faire. I started to gain weight before the baby was concived.

I guess exercise is the way to go, if I am hopin to stay healthy for the next 9 months.

enough of the jibberish.

Christmas went surprisingly well, I think I went thru all the family dinners without affending anyone. And that is a huge accomplishment, due to the fact that I usually only have to say two words in the wrong order before my mother gives me the evil eye.

And over to the big selebration of new years eve! what are we doing, tamtamtam

nothing, absolutly nothing

Not that I acctually mind, but if would be nice to se some enthusiasme in CB`s eyes.
I am getting a bit worried about him, but thats for a nother post, don`t have the energy to get into that right now.

Have a good one, and c ya round


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