Saturday, December 09, 2006

not the best...but far from the worst

Its been almost a month... a whole month, since I posted something here.

So whats new

not mutch

I`m really having a big discussion with myself whether or not I should quit my job...

I`m have a temp job in a bank, and I was told that it would last from september to december, with a posibillity for a permanant contract with the bank. ( i guessed it was for screening me and se if I was good enough for the job) Well, I recived only good feedback from everybody, both my coworkers, and my contact at the temp agency. And then they go and give me a new temp contract that will last untill march.... And then perhaps I will get a permanent contract. And on top of it all, they decided that I should work 50% in the bank office where I am currently working, and 50% in another bank office... witch is not something I have any desire to do, because I sort of like it where I am now.

What troubles me the most with this is, my problems with changes.... I really need stability to function well be comfortable and be able to do my best. If things around me constantly change, I get unsecure, I get a lot of stomaces, and a little depressed.

I also have trouble standing up for myself, witch really is a quality I would like to improve. I keep my mouth shut In situations, where I would probably have benefitted from speaking my mind, in fear of repecussions. and that sort of pisses me of.

On a happier note, my life is really good at the moment. I have a nice and good man who loves me, I have a home to go home to, witch we own (along with the bank) and we have enough money to pay for the things we need, and some of what we want. So I really should note be allowed to complane.

So my wishes for newyear is a new nice job, and a baby


Blogger Chris said...

I was wondering where you were! Glad things are going well. Excellent new year wishes!


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