Saturday, December 16, 2006


I love to se other peoples pictures, so I thought I should post some of mine.

I am one of these people that still haven`t bought myself a digital camera, so the pictures are taken with my phone, and the quality sort of sucks.

This is my kitchen, it`s very small, so therefore its always a bit cluttered.

As you can se, we have to use all the the space there is to store our kitchen things.

This is our brand new bookshelve, witch is a christmas present from my dad. We had to buy it our selves so therefore we put it up traight away:) note my christmas decoration...

And to show of my nice plant.... It grows no matter what I do, or don`t do. I like it. And i have 4 of them...
If you have any pictures you want to se, don`t hesitate to let me know.
I aim to please


Blogger Kelsey Brae said...

I love it! I always think about doing the same thing but never do. I'd actually have to clean and stuff.

Also, those pics are the clearest pictures I've ever seen taken by a phone. :p


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